America the Battered

Between a partisan pandemic, a media announced president-elect, potential Cabinet nominees deleting thousands of tweets, and living in a constant state of Politician induced hypocrisy, it is no wonder that America looks like a dog in an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s, “Arm’s of an Angel”, on repeat in the background.

What happened to the every day ability to have a conversation with friends or family or random people you’ve never met in the comment section of a Facebook post without be called a ‘racist, homophobe, bigot, snowflake, libtard, fascist’ for merely thinking or *gasp* articulating a opinion that is different? How can those same people also claim to be “punk/anti-establishment/against the man” when they fall in line with the narrative the Main Stream Media has sold — hook, line, and sinker? Maybe, it’s because I graduated high school in 2010, maybe it’s because I went to college for a technical degree (Electromagnetic Field Applications doesn’t care about your feelings) or maybe it’s because I’ll never subscribe to identity politics — regardless, the fundamental shift in allowing different opinions into friendly conversation seems to have died less than a decade ago.

Unfortunately, we have entered the Twilight zone where Conservatives have been conditioned/told to keep quiet because our “opinions” don’t fit the mainstream narrative and yet simultaneously told that “silence is violence” if there wasn’t a black square as your profile/IG photo for BLM. So which is it — should we shut up or are we only allowed to speak when the Leftists and their opinions are coming out of our mouths?

The Left says America needs to get better at recognizing her failures and pitfalls as a country and people — long story short, it turns out that America actually only has one hyperloop sized problem and that is: “All of America is racist and that is a problem in which the American people cannot fix themselves. BUT if we, the government bureaucracy and politicians are given MORE power and MORE tax dollars, we can totally Make America Anti-Racist or ‘Woke'”. These people also have beach front property in Antarctica they’d like to sell you as well.

Let’s cut this chunk down into a few smaller parts:

  • All of America is racist and the American people can’t fix it
    • All of America is racist, because we were founded on racism, by racists, to uphold racism.
    • BUT “they” (system/establishment/mainstream), the mighty unicorns and saviors of the populous by overreach and taxation, are not racist. The people who made the original system WERE racists, but the people currently in the system are so “woke” it’s painful and they’d like you to feel it too.
  • Pay the System to Fix the System via;
    • Executive Orders
    • Pork-filled & dog-eared bills by career politicians and lobbyists
    • Taxes! 💀
    • Unions who protect/defend the people who should and need to be fired/arrested (this summer was beyond indicative of that)
    • The Military Industrial Complex
    • What appears to be 100+ alphabet organizations (FDA, EPA, NSA, ATF, AMTRACK)
  • Make America “Anti-Racist”
    • I’m just going to define racism here because I’m not sure how an inanimate thing, The US Constitution, created and amended by the above ‘system’ can be racist as a stand alone entity, but I digress.
      • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. (Oxford)

To sum it up, the racist systems, that put the racist policies in place, which are racist, are going to be fixed and anti-racist…by paying and trusting the racist system, that put them in place originally?

Now, I am only 29 years old…but if you want to dismantle the oppressive establishment (*cue Spongebob meme here*) you have to tear it apart from the base and start new. However, when THE OPRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT says they want to make things better, and that they are the only ones who can make the changes, I can only start to become even more skeptical.

So while we’re all being yelled at from the “Media and Political Class” about how much of plebeians we are from their ivory towers, just remember most American’s are not all as insane as the Establishment would make us sound — we really just want you all to leave us alone.

So now the ever pressing question prevails — how do we keep America whole while also letting ourselves be willing to see the big blemish that is a bloated government, which severely needs a Marie Kondo makeover? The answer is what I’m hoping to find too. I love my country and I definitely want to continue to say that the American Dream does indeed spark joy.

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