Why the Last?

This post is just explain the why and why it’s taken me so long to express an opinion that has otherwise been deemed ‘deplorable/uneducated/archaic.’ It’s 2020 with a 1984 feel giving off a fake Brave New World vibe

With this blog I’m hoping to shed some light on what the ‘average’ American thinks/feels about the state of her country today and also give you pointless anecdotes about my personal “lived” experience (because that’s where WE are as a country) from the emotionless soul we will call REALITY.

What do I mean by average?

  • Is my IQ the same as the average American?
  • Do I make the same annual income (before the theft of taxation) that’s average for Americans?
  • Is Christmas *MY* favorite holiday too? (No, but that’s another blog post for ruining Christmas)
  • Do I fit into Tom Corley’s little box of ‘Average American’?


Am I just an average millennial American, who was sold the ‘college dream’, survived TWO massive economic recessions, has seen her country burned to the ground, word definitions changed in real time, and a horrendous election so riddled with irregularities and suspicion that I don’t even know if voting is worth anything in this country anymore.

The answer – none of part A and all of part B.

If you’ve made it this far and you don’t want to call the authorities on the peaceful 11 person protest I may or may not be having in my home — check out some of the other posts/opinions of mine! And if you think I’m off my rocker — still check out some other blogs and see if I’m still not your cup of tea.

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