Autonomous Zones for Thee! Pt. 1

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What a whirlwind of a week, I feel this country inching closer and closer to massive civil unrest. But maybe that’s just what America needs to bring 2020 full circle. If we’re headed for a domestic cold war, it’s coming sooner rather than later. You just get a cold war vibe from the class warfare we’re seeing in plain sight.

Antifa was supposed to bring upon Seattle the resurrection of the 1967 “Summer of Love” per Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan. As of December 2020, the Media has already phased out their summer cycle of fear-mongering and hyperboles regarding Antifa and BLM’s mostly peaceful protests and now we are in a divisive cycle of whether or not you can be the president-elect prior to Dec. 14.

One of the most interesting and curious aspects that came out of the burning rubble that was/is Downtown Seattle, was the creation of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or as time went on Capital Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP). The area of land in which anti-police, BLM, and Antifa protestors took over the east precinct of the Seattle Police Department and about 6 blocks on June 8, 2020. For 24 days the CHAZ area of downtown Seattle was controlled/ruled/policed/dictated by the members of this multi-group takeover. Good news though, they [CHAZ/CHOP] were nice enough to make demands of a now foreign nation (USA) and it’s citizens. Ultimately, it was a “police-free zone,” to help shelter minorities from targeted police brutality solely for being a minority, and had the same overall vibe, apparently, as the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011.

Throughout the summer, the city’s mayor did nothing — she was wanting it to play out and assumed CHAZ/CHOP had things under control. In the wake of what the rest of the country saw, Pres. Trump decided to get involved via Twitter which for sanities sake we can “long-story short” that decision and call it what is was, a stupid idea. The magic of the Founders was that, at the end of the day, the mayor has final say on the city they run (since the Constitution gives states a guaranteed republican form of government to each state, but the Founders were nice enough to give us the 10th amendment everyone ignores), and it’s only by the mayor can any higher form of government/law and order come in and do their thing. And seeing as no federal buildings were under siege — no reason for the Federal Government to be involved.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest founding principle for CHAZ, was to end the death/homicide of all minorities, with a focus specific on black males — the protests leading up to this point erupted across America over the summer in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Black Lives Matter in CHAZ was a way of life…as opposed to just a slogan. Unfortunately, the joke was on them because as a result of lawlessness and disorganization, 4 people were shot (2 died) in those 24 days. On top of the gun violence, countless comments that sexual assault was rampant within the autonomous zone (this was also apparently a problem for Seattle PRIOR to this occupation in the same area). For a group of people trying to avoid the unnecessary killing of minorities, having 2 murdered and 2 more critically injured is probably not the best way to get the message across. Furthermore, per Vox, “female-presenting” individuals didn’t feel safe walking around in CHAZ/CHOP at night…something the creators of this zone also wanted to avoid (oops). It’s almost like giving a bunch of rich, privileged white kids a free summer off doesn’t bode well for actual people…who work for a living.

Protest all you want — you’re constitutionally allowed to do so. Protest and be safe. COVID is real, but you can’t legislate or eradicate a virus, just as the annual flu isn’t legislated or eradicated away, year after year after year (is that still happening this year?)

Personally, I think the funniest thing to come out of this was the LACK of media attribution with regard to COVID spikes or cases arising out of the protests from the summer. Ask anyone who is pro-protest/riot and they’ll tell you “everyone wore masks, everyone was 6′ apart, etc.” You’re right, I believe you, you one person, to tell me everyone at a protest/riot was following CDC guidelines. I also have waterfront property in Chad to sell you. It was later found out a lot of testing places didn’t ask if people were at protests prior to testing — so without contact tracing I guess it IS HARD to make that connection.

Now, using this train of thought, a bar in Staten Island which declares itself also as an “autonomous zone” should also be allowed to play out, no? Yes they are two different states, with two different governors and mayors. However, common sense tells me armed protestors taking a police station and 6 blocks is a lot more dangerous than a single bar. So what is it? Are protests and overthrows more constitutional than small business owners trying to survive? Or are politicians just doing power grabs and virtual signaling because they are only out for their own interests and the corporations who pay them off? That’s the ultimatum, choose wisely.

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