Autonomous Zones for Thee! Pt. 2

If you’re here and looking for Part 1 of this blog series it’s right here.

If after touting “health, safety, masks, and lockdowns” for normal citizens while simultaneously failing to condemn mass protests and riots during a pandemic, the Establishment has made it crystal clear — they truly only care if they can virtue signal loud enough that their constituents can hear. As a result we’ve got the “thumbs up” from the Establishment that riots for racial injustice are “common sense and necessary” and that anyone trying to keep their business alive is murdering grandma. A very “long story short” if you will.

So now we come to an interesting case of actual livelihoods being lost, based on something liberals call “science.” I’m not sure where New York State Governor (Gov. Cuomo) gets his science, but it isn’t from the CDC or WHO. Gov. Cuomo, who is already under fire for the spike in nursing home deaths earlier this year, after he mandated nursing homes to take patients back (as long as they could care for them) from hospitals…without COVID testing. Yes. Gov., “I wrote a book because I’m awesome,” Cuomo let workers and residents BACK into a place where MASSIVE HIGH RISK groups lived and then backtracked by saying the “nursing homes weren’t required, it was merely commentary/suggestion.” CNN reported some actual news and even fact checked that statement from Cuomo as wrong. But no worries, Cuomo isn’t taking his $25,000 bonus this year and instead just sitting on a $225,000 salary (FOR BEING AN ELECTED OFFICIAL) which is 2nd to Gov. Newsom of California, who also can’t seem to figure out if the COVID mandates/lockdowns apply to him also or just his poor constituents. And in subsequently hilarious news, Cuomo has recently been given the Ted Kennedy award for his handling of COVID. You’ll remember, Ted Kennedy, the alcoholic. Ted Kennedy who drove his car, while drunk, off a bridge and into a pond on Chappaquiddick Island. Ted Kennedy who left Mary Jo Kopchne for dead. Ted Kennedy who waited 10 hours to tell the police about the accident. The same Ted Kennedy who then went on to continue to serve in the US Senate for 40 more years. I guess the award is fitting for Andrew Cuomo then.

In light of all this blatant hypocrisy from government officials, it begs the question of why can’t businesses be open after following guidelines set forth by the CDC and states, but high ranking government officials can parade around the country like it’s any other Tuesday?

The CDC has already set the levels of risk for bars/restaurants. Clearly, that isn’t enough science for Cuomo. The New York (NY) restaurant industry was already sitting on a $2 billion LOSS in April of this year, at the peak of country wide lockdowns and restrictions. People are losing their money, losing their businesses, and basically losing their livelihoods all under the guise of public health. It has been 8 months of COVID related rules/lockdowns, the science, (like the real science, with numbers) from our own CDC shows the risk groups, what to avoid, how to protect ourselves and yet the government has shown time and time again (namely from governors and mayors) that they have no trust in the people who voted for them. They think of their constituents as the toddlers who cannot regulate themselves and be safe…even after THEY [the government] have been the ones setting guidelines and moving the goal posts.

So what do COVID, autonomous zones, and NY State all have in common? Well a bar/restaurant owner on NY’s Staten Island has declared his restaurant an “autonomous zone” much like CHAZ/CHOP earlier this year. The owner has since been arrested for reasons that range from “continuing to serve customers” to “hitting a deputy with his car, driving 100 yards, and then being arrested.” If the latter is true, then as much as I support standing up to the government and this protest, I can’t condone physical violence against anyone unless in self-defense. As of 7pm on December 7, 2020 video surveillance confirmed the above statement. Love what’s happening here, but let’s be bigger than the opponent on their secular moral high ground. So yes, he should have been arrested for hitting a cop with his car, but not for trying to keep his bar and restaurant open.

Before the “you’re killing grandma” and “you’re heartless” crowd comes for me — I’m going to say I’m sorry you don’t trust yourself to be safe. You can’t trust yourself to stay home, you can’t trust yourself to stay away from high-risk people, and you can’t even trust yourself enough to let your fellow American’s live and provide for their families and communities. But somehow you trust the government officials, and their “rules for thee,” to be the dictators of democracy. Rather than living in more than just the present and waiting for some requirement for “normalcy,” whether it be a vaccine or a massive asteroid to take us from this misery, YOU go tell everyone who has lost a job or shut their business they aren’t essential and they can “try again” after we get COVID under control.

IF YOU HAVE TO WORK TO PROVIDE FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY — YOUR BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL. Because we’ve seen how Walmart is essential, Lowe’s is essential, the Entertainment Industry is essential, but we’re going to kill movie theaters (this article was at a time when restaurants were still open, but Cuomo is still incompetent.) Small business is dying all over this country. People are dying of more than just COVID, hell Japan is losing people faster to suicide than COVID all year and they’re basically lockdown central. We’ve learned that the CARES act went mostly to large businesses with less than 28% of the distributed ~$520 mil given out. Yes, less than 28% were 150k loans to help struggling businesses. Imagine that…big businesses, even during a pandemic, have more resources than small and single owner businesses to file and get all their paperwork in order for government bailouts…again.

Now, I understand we’re in a pandemic, therefore the rules are made up and life/liberty/property don’t matter. Kick rocks due process, the government knows better! Maybe I’m be a smidge sensationalist, yes, but if 2020 has taught us anything sensationalism is the narrative. Ultimately, the government is allowed to stretch it’s executive power during a national emergency but it cannot create new powers. But as Justice Alito points out — we’ve seen things unprecedented here during this pandemic and the fear of these extensions past the concept of COVID is valid. So far we’ve really only seen religious liberty brought forward to the Supreme Court but small businesses are gearing up to do the same. AS. THEY. SHOULD. It’s already been shown that somehow “mostly peaceful protests” only apply to mass gatherings and riots. COVID is so “woke” no one will get the virus crammed into the narrow NYC streets and skyscrapers, but a declaration of an “autonomous zone” as a form of protest isn’t covered in the same state. All this hoopla because NYC sees massive racial injustice uprisings as more of a constitutional right,* compared to working or worship (which if *I* remember correctly is actually IN the constitution.) Not sure where DeBlasio gets his “common sense” from — but it ain’t exactly the best quality.

The icing on what seems to be a total governmental control cake, comes from the elite of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. This criticism of a middle class bar owner is clearly warranted from someone who gets to continue working, and makes ~$15,000 an episode for his Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearances. I am of course referring to Staten Island’s own, Pete Davidson. The SNL star took to the Weekend Update segment to call anyone protesting the government (namely his Staten Island natives) “babies.” I really want to know what it’s like to be so disconnected from your fellow man. What does it feel like in the elite ivory tower of judgement? How dare you, Pete Davidson, from your place of UNMASKED LIVE AUDIENCE EMPLOYMENT. What gives you the right to mock American’s trying to bring back their only sources of income and some semblance of normalcy after almost a year of different and constantly changing rules? Maybe bars should start paying patrons to come dine? That’s the appropriate loop hole, right, Pete?

So, after all this year has shown us, we [the American people] are supposed to believe that people protesting in mass and creating their own “police-free autonomous zone” are COVID immune, but businesses trying their hardest to follow totalitarian and arbitrary rules, clearly NOT BASED IN SCIENCE, are singlehandedly increasing COVID case numbers and killing American’s. Okay, because that sounds plausible.

Note: I said case increase…not death, since those numbers don’t make things look doom and gloom.

This graph…terrifying.

Once again, I won’t and don’t downplay people who are sick/dead/dying…but for the Left to be so “anti-big business and pro-working man” they’re sure letting their political bias decide that corporations are going to come out on top. To anyone who still hasn’t quite gotten it — you are killing Americans, and you are killing the people who built and shaped this country. Killing small business and lockdowns is not a racist issues — areas of minority owned business are suffering just as bad, if not worse than white owned small businesses. You’re so concerned for “grandmas” safety, yet so narrow-minded on the scope of what is killing people. So what is it, America? Do we want to be free? Do we want to learn to live with a virus and take precautions that we know supposedly “work?” Or do we want to leave our parents, grandparents, great grandparents alone in this world all because no one wants to actually help the most vulnerable — they just want their “team” to win.

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