Remember That Party Switch Tho?

Little bit of a history lesson for anyone curious about the Republicans and how we got the mixed bag we have today.

When you were growing up did you ever think to yourself you’d live during a civil war? Did you have this image of a united America in your head, where all the adults got along, worked it out, and knew what they were doing? Do you now feel like an absolute idiot for believing none of or all of that could happen in your lifetime? No? Just me then.

If you haven’t been on Twitter lately, consider yourself lucky. Just this past week #SediciousSeventeen was trending, relating to the 17 State AGs who joined in the lawsuit of Texas v. Pennsylvania. Now, if you’re thinking, following all legal outlets to attempt to prove voter irregularities during a massive presidential election sounds legal and not seditious, you’re correct. If you think following the legal outlets to have an election with massive irregularities looked at is a call for the “dismantle and destruction of the union,” go home, you’re drunk. You can tell me “people didn’t vote FOR Biden, they voted AGAINST Trump,” all you’d like…but I doubt those people actually cared enough to vote, let a lone just go bubble in “Biden” and then ballot down vote “Republican.” I find it even harder to believe anyone went to vote, and ONLY voted for President and then walked away. If either of those is what you did…you’re an absolute moron and a RINO/DINO and you deserve the idiocy we have coming our way.

I don’t even know where to begin. The world seems sideways. I remember learning about the 60s hippies in school, about how they didn’t like the establishment, and how they wanted to live in communes as one functioning group — “it takes a village,” vibes and all. Hippies were the counterculture to the Kennedy/Johnson administration and involvement in Vietnam (which is funny because after that Boomers just kept getting us into more foreign conflict as time went on…). This weird concept of people who wanted farmers markets, who dressed however they chose, and homeschooled their kids, were, well “hippie.” Here I am remembering how it felt to learn about that idea, going against the grain of the culture of the country, and it’s crazy to think that 19 years later that I am that hippie I was learning about. Not the commune, free-love,”filthy,” hippie, but the “leave me the F alone Big Government” hippie.

Throughout history you can see the evolution of Republican party and how there was a shift from being “for the people” to being “for the corporations.” As time has gone on though, Conservatives have circled back to the values (in the Establishments view) prior to the Republican split from the Progressives of the Bull Moose Party.

So getting into our fake internet time machine, let’s begin.

First, you had your Democratic Republicans with Jefferson. Jefferson who feared the ratification of the constitution would take away from States’ Rights and create a massive and overpowering central government. (JOKES ON 2020 AMERICA). The concept of the ratification of the Constitution via the Federalist Paper’s arguments was solid — unfortunately the aristocrats became the politicans and now were forced to fight an uphill battle to a free and fair government.

Continuing on our timeline — America then had both Abraham Lincoln (pre Civil War) and Grant (Reconstruction era) who were trying to piece the country back together after the Civil War. Then you get into Teddy Roosevelt and Taft style Republicans who set the ground work for too many Executive Orders and foregoing the civil rights message for a more “big money” friendly message. Yes…Republicans had always been the party of civil rights. Then to lead us up to the great depression were Harding (the most popular president at the time)/Coolidge (with humor as dry as a Cabernet and the “Roaring 20s”)/Hoover (the stock market crashed and the Fed bailed no one out). So then we get FDR and the New Deal and the “liberal dream.” Finally, rolling into Vietnam we get Eisenhower who stuck America where it definitely didn’t belong. Then paranoia and spying that got us Nixon (for another example of Presidents spying on America, see the Obama Administration), Watergate, and Ford’s Pardon. And. I think, it’s at this point American’s were seeing Republicans as the “business first” party. The party of “quid pro quo” and caring more about lining their pockets. After Nixon I think the questions that Republicans were trying to answer were; How do we keep the economy going, how do we “protect” our sovereignty, how do we keep government small and get stuff done across the aisle, and how do we get the American people to trust us again? And you see a shift, a Republican shift to the middle to meet with the working class Democrats and their moderate and wide net policies. The thought that if we “agree and play fair” everyone will get a piece of the pie and that continues until W. Bush.

Do you want to know what Democrats did? They gave us Barack Obama who took the whole “party of the people” and became the “party of the progressives” real quick fast. The Democrats took the idiocy of the Republican plan and decided to win over generations by altering the culture and cultural institutions while Republicans took the blame for the failing economy and being corporate shills. You want to know how to lose a war — you let the enemy say “well if you don’t do this then we won’t do that…” AND YOU TRUST THEM! No, Democrats are not a physical enemy, but rather they are a enemy in the cultural and social aspects of politics.

Our Founding Fathers, hell our founding as a whole was based on wanting to escape an oppressive government and be a free people. Free to practice whatever religion desired, to speak freely against your government, to keep and bear arms, to live in a state that followed the will of it’s people and didn’t care what Idaho or Maine made their populations do, and the right to a fair and speedy trial. Freedom. People don’t immigrate to America because we suck (and sometimes we suck), people immigrate to America because they’re told they can be and do anything they want and that it is their fundamental right. So when you have 74 million people questioning the authenticity of an election and the other 80 million (yes, Joe Biden got more votes than Obama in both 2008 and 2012) calling them traitors and seditious for wanting to uphold the rights granted in the Constitution, maybe it is time to “form a more perfect union,” pull a Texas. and fight for succession and States’ Rights once again.

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