Why Did It Come to This?

Welcome to America, where the rules are made up and the people’s opinions don’t matter.

Holy January 6th, Batman! It’s almost not fair that work has to go on while major historical, political events transpire. If more people stopped and watched how politics actually happened, in real time, I think we’d be at a different place as a country. If more people turned off their televisions and spoke to their neighbors — I think we’d be at a different place as a country. But instead, here we are, 4 people dead, and tens of more arrested during a protest turned “technical” insurrection, 6 days in to 2021.

Y’all — we made it 6 days before 2021 said “hold my beer” to 2020. I’ll never move myself from this position when it comes to protesting, so long as you remain peaceful you’re fine, do your thing, but the moment you become violent, you’ve lost your rights and deserve to be arrested for whatever crime may come of that decision.

Now that we’ve beat that dead horse, I need you to understand, what took place at Capitol Hill didn’t happen in a vacuum. No one woke up that morning and suddenly decided “I’m going to storm the US Capitol this morning!” No, this was a culmination of the Media and the Government failing to do what they should have done — BEEN TRANSPARENT!

Mainstream, average Americans got no condemnation of any kind from the Dems or the MSM about the BLM riots over the summer and the literal BILLION dollars in damages that were done. There were elected officials bailing out arrested protestors, others who said protests were meant to be uncomfortable and unfriendly, both of which were also echoed in the Media from our good ole friends at CNN. A global pandemic became a political tool for massive political power grabs on unprecedented levels from mayors and governors around the country.

While I still condemn the Capitol Hill violence that transpired here — how are you going to spend an entire summer praising BLM riots for “racial justice” and then lose your mind when the political opposites protest what they believe to be “electoral justice?” All summer long police and politicians around cities in America told police to “stand down/by” AS THEIR CITIES BURNED, but when your political opposites overtake a federal building you suddenly question police loyalty?

What happened to *checks notes* ACAB or “Defund the Police?

A woman was shot on the 6th. Correction, a white, unarmed, veteran, woman (making sure I’ve covered all the “woke” bases) was shot and the response from the Left/Media, “the cops weren’t hard enough.” Imagine if that had been a black woman shot, but not a conservative one (since they’re white now), rather a BLM protestor or Woman’s March participant. Washington, D.C. would be more on fire than it was when the British burned it to the ground. You don’t get to sit on some made up moral high ground when the entire party of “tolerance and love” was burning America to the ground over people who, once facts came out, ENDED UP BEING IN THE MIDDLE OF COMMITTING CRIMES. No one is claiming them dying was in best practice, but let’s call a spade a spade, criminals are criminals, not martyrs.

Now do I think the death of anyone at the hands of cops is justified every-time? Absolutely not. Police need more training. Escalating situations need to be assessed better. Police unions who hide bad cops need to go, as do AGs who just let this happen without any recourse. Should Ashli Babbit have been storming the Capitol? No. Should she have been shot and killed while being LITERALLY UNARMED? Absolutely not. Before you give me “whataboutism” and Breonna Taylor*, what happened to her was a tragedy, A MAJOR TRAGEDY, and I don’t dismiss that, both of these women should be alive right now — so please have several seats with your hypocrisy.

I refuse to blame everyday Americans for how this transpired. Americans didn’t willingly lock themselves away for months on end, Americans didn’t close down small businesses deemed ‘nonessential’ but kept Walmart and Amazon booming, and American’s didn’t backtrack on the “science” of masks/lockdowns and make things monumentally worse for the people of their state. Now I’m sure you’re thinking “um…politicians and news anchors are Americans, crazy lady…” which would be true if they hadn’t spent the last year making bank off the pandemic while their constituents/viewers died, lost their jobs, ended their marriages, were verbally and physically abused, and just plain forgotten. Do those people sound like Americans to you? To me they sound like a ruling elite class that needs to be reminded that they work FOR the people and weren’t appointed demagogues or kings.

I think it’s time we reverse course and look at what made us Conservatives in the first place and where our party needs to go in order to have a future amongst the violent political climate.

*corrected spelling 1/10/2021 7:59pm

2 thoughts on “Why Did It Come to This?

  1. It’s Breonna Taylor. She was sleeping.

    Ashli was destroying federal property and trespassing. She should have been killed because she should have BEEN there.

    Do not equate these women. They are on completely different ends of the tragic spectrum.


    1. Thank you for catching my spelling error — I’ll correct.
      She was not sleeping. It was stated by her attorney she was in fact in the hallway with her boyfriend.


      I also did state that Ashli should not have been there. They were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if you’re saying cops shouldn’t shoot into a hallway they’re being shot at then why should they be shooting at anyone they can visibly see is unarmed?


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