Media Faux Pas?

Your media is hot garbage. Actually most media in America is hot garbage and they’re the reason or one of the main drivers for an America divided and falling.

The media is not your friend. If the last few blog posts haven’t already beaten that dead horse enough, this one will finish the job. Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th President of the Communist Republic of America, or at least that’s the vibe I got with the knowledge of 25k National Guardsmen all standing at attention for their new Commander-in-Chief. It gets funnier though, on top of this, the FBI vetted the 25k National Guardsmen too. Yes, a political litmus test was required to be in the National Guard as of January 2021 because somehow swearing an oath to the Constitution isn’t enough. This new “requirement” was meant to weed out any apparent “white supremacists” waiting to pounce on a heavily guarded and senile old man. After all of that vetting and more wasted tax dollars, the USNG let go of 12 individuals, only 2 of which apparently posted “extremist views” and had “militia” ties, the rest for previous criminal behavior or activity, and the FBI also stated at no time were any of these “views/militia ties” related to harming Chairmen Biden. Now, imagine if former President Trump had done this? What would the media have said? Lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine. Left-leaning newspapers/blogs/websites/“news-stations,” all tore into Trump as he was attempting to clear out the Department of Defense. The argument? He was putting his own puppets in that only had allegiance to Trump, rather than the country. Yet, having 25k party aligned soldiers at your ready though, according to the Media, is a-ok.

But this isn’t about political allegiance, we know where most “reporters/journalists” loyalties lie, this is about how whatever cable news you’re watching, digital newspapers or websites you’re reading, are feeding you exactly what the established narrative needs to be and it changes on. a. dime. One day you’re screaming “systematic racism” and “all cops are bastards” and the next you’re concerned about a dead Capitol police officer (let’s realize there are issues within our policing system but save it for another blog). Or one day “sexual preference” meant nothing except your preferences…sexually and the next it’s a homophobic slur. And to come full circle, one day herd immunity means “let a virus run through the population to build immunity” and the next it pushes the “Covid-19 vaccine necessary” story. These aren’t significant changes in a vacuum, but sadly we live in reality so these small small vernacular changes add up to calling actual “truths” lies or misinformation.

Harken back to the media around April 2020. Remember when we were only counting deaths? When did it switch to only counting cases? When did it switch back to cumulative daily death totals? What happened to the flu? If you follow the “groupthink” of those who are sitting and watching/reading CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, NYT, WaPo, etc., you will see the shift in “topic prioritization.” It’s drastic, it’s cyclical, and it’s absolutely the most predictable hot garbage ever. The BLM Riots during the “Summer of Love” and the death of David Dorn serve as a wonderful example from the narrative shift and topic prioritization. An off-duty, retired, black, (this is actually an important adjective in this situation) police officer was going down to defend his friends pawn shop, which happened to be in the part of town being destroyed, when he got there he was shot by looters. I heard no media cries of injustice, I saw no “peaceful protests” or “say his name!” from the BLM organizations because all summer long: cops bad, riots good. So here we have an innocent black man, trying to do a good deed, and rather than receiving accolades, his life was taken at the hands of looters who were parading around like they cared about “racial injustice.”

If the name David Dorn doesn’t ring a bell, it may be because the time spent discussing it on major media outlets was dismal. The excuse for this lack of media coverage follows the lines of: “the looters who shot Dorn were arrested AND charged, unlike cops who shoot minorities!” Which would be a great excuse, if it was true. Every cop, in every single minority shooting, was in fact on “trial,” in the court of public opinion, the entire summer. But to make it even more of a poor excuse, all of those cops were ALSO arrested, some were charged (BASED ON EVIDENCE), and are awaiting trials.

Now, fast-forward to January 2021. The worst “insurrection” in the history of attempted insurrections happened in which a Capitol police officer died, due to “Trump Supporters”…and that’s where the mainstream narrative ends. If you’re a reasonable person, and I assume you are because you’ve made it this far, then clearly you’d want to know more details. You’d like to know what happened so you can draw your conclusions from as much evidence as possible. So, if we continue down the breadcrumb trail of known facts: Ofc. Brian Sicknick was hit on the head, with a fire extinguisher, during the clusterf- at the Capitol on Wednesday, was taken to the hospital that evening, and unfortunately he died Thursday. So yes, the part about a police officer dying is true, he did sustain injuries as a result of some jerk-offs, who should be found and prosecuted for assault and battery, at a minimum, but I need an autopsy report. I need a report to say this man died due to the result of what blunt force trauma caused. I’m not treating it as Covid, where every death is a “Covid-related” death, even if it was a motorcycle crash. All we know, past the extinguisher, is that Sicknick made it back to his desk that Wednesday (not sure the time frame), collapsed, went to the hospital, and died Thursday. I can’t pass out opinions without all the facts, and I won’t blame every person at that protest for this mans death either. So, come back to me when that report is out.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of “guilty until proven innocent, and even then, still guilty in the court of public opinion.” Meaning even if a jury of your peers exonerates you, the media has already taken your name and smeared it all over as basically “enemy of the state.” Let’s walk back to how CNN had to pay out $275M in a settlement, for defamation, as a result of the LIES they told about Nicholas Sandmann who was just…standing on some steps. You guys remember him, right? Racist catholic school kid, in a MAGA hat, being yelled at by the Omaha Tribe elder (Nathan Phillips), as he (Sandmann) stood there, awkwardly. Yes, a major cable news network, and newspaper (WaPo) took that boys face, plastered it all over the television, called him the “face of white supremacy,” and then settled a lawsuit because they LIED. THEY. LIED. But did CNN ever come out an apologize? Do ever remember hearing that? No, they just stopped talking about it. Stopped writing about it. And it disappeared, just like that.

To ice the final part of this hilarious contradictory cake, let’s play a game. Recently there has been a meme floating around the internet with the following claim: “Susan Rosenberg is a convicted terrorist who has sat on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, an organization which handles fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN).” Now, like all good little internet “fact-checker,” I rely on Snopes. Snopes, for all their leftism, tends to out themselves as just ignorant beyond comprehension. Snopes calls this claim “a mixture,” meaning some truth and some false. Okay, so then we ask which part is the truth and which part is the lie?

According to Snopes, Rosenburg did serve as vice chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents. And, Thousand Currents does do the fundraising and financial work for BLMGN. So far we’ve got 2 truths, which can only mean the “convicted terrorist” part must be the lie. Fortunately, Snopes goes on to clarify that Rosenburg was an active part of a radical/revolutionary left-wing movement which involved bombing U.S. Government buildings and committing armed robberies. After all that, it seems that the “false claim” sounds a little bit more “100% factual” than “mixture,” but what do I know, I’m not paid to “fact-check.” The reason that this is a “mixed” claim, per Snopes, was because there isn’t an universally agreed upon definition of “terrorism.” Susan Rosenberg, “was convicted and imprisoned for possession of weapons and hundreds of pounds of explosives so it should be described as acts of “domestic” terrorism.” The lack of the qualifier “domestic” in front of terrorist is why Snopes are calling this claim “mixed.” This is why people who only get “facts” from one “source” will dismiss statements of ACTUAL fact based solely on what the so called “unbiased fact-checkers” decide is actually true.

The sheer fact that one word is missing from the original statement (domestic), a word, which in this situation is resoundingly insignificant (in that it doesn’t change the original messages intent), causes an entire statement to be labeled “mixed”, should be eye opening. If you can read that entire Snopes explanation (below) and not see the poor excuse for semantics in terms of “wording,” then there is more work to do. That’s how you change the meaning of words, that’s how you change the narrative. You give words so much power that people stop questioning where the “data” is coming from. Once the establishment has you no longer questioning the headlines/narrative from the Democrat (and occasionally Republican*) Propaganda Wing, or the MSM (but I repeat myself), you’ve become another pawn for them rather than a threat to their unnecessary levels of power.

The jokes write themselves.

*Republicans (or more like Conservatives/Libertarians) tend to call out the MSM on their BS, unless they’re being fawned over by the Left (Bush, McCain, Cheney) because they’re following the “rules” too.

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