Executive Order #5,629

Why would We The People want the Leglislature to make laws and do their job according to the Constitution? We have good ole Pres. Biden to sign 500 Executive Orders and make sure he keeps all his “promises” to his rich, corporate, Wall Street donors.

What has 2 hands, 17 pens, less than a 45 minute attention span, and just puts massive job/contract freezes on Americans and Canadians during a global pandemic and economic recession? If you guessed President Joe Biden, you get a star! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please keep the blue pill down and continue to live in your happy place.

I have never known a President (in my lifetime) to NOT sign Executive Orders (EO) or Actions (EA) essentially freezing everything the previous administration had put in place for “administrative review.” However, I’ve also never seen a president sign away jobs during a global pandemic when people and families are suffering to pay bills, buy groceries, and keep their children from committing suicide. Unfortunately, it looks like Pres. Joe Lyin’ has actually just been the slimes career politician he’s always been. I do however have to give him kudos, the entire time he campaigned he only told the truth…and then his PR firm (the MSM) was quick to readjust and rework the narrative so that no record of the “gaffe” exists anymore. Fortunately, the Internet is forever and there are more than enough “receipts” of these flip-flops that even Ray Charles can see that this man is an empty political suit. What makes this overuse of Executive power quite humorous is that the unions and Native American Tribes backed this man and he basically just gave them the finger with his signature. That’s right, while Reservations are federal land, they are not federal public land, meaning that the government is required to get permission from the Tribes before forcing any laws that will affect their land upon them. Where was that racial equity we keep hearing so much about before this EO was signed? Oops. So no pipeline or fracking on federal land means, no jobs for indigenous peoples, no jobs for the Canadians who were working on the other side of the border, and now we have to worry about oil trucks/tankers/trains spilling over and causing a different form of environmental disaster. But don’t worry guys, I’m sure there’s more “shovel ready” jobs just waiting in the shadows.

Now remember when soon to be president Kamala tweeted that good ole Joe won’t ban fracking? So does Pepperidge Farms. It seems that Pres. Biden managed to forget that promise (which he made on national television) and instead decided we don’t need no stinkin’ Pipeline. Hell, we don’t need any jobs that are going to hinder the “Environmental Justice” and “Racial Equity” that the current administration is so key on drilling into our heads (pun intended). While I do understand wanting to “review” previous administrations documentation/orders/actions — the immediate signing away of what is 11,000 contract jobs (8,000 of which were Union) should frighten you, regardless if they were temporary contacts or not — we’re still in the midsts of a pandemic, the economy sucks, and people need jobs. If that doesn’t frighten you, the fact that our Climate Czar John Kerry is so out of touch with blue collar jobs should. This man has basically said anyone in the “non-renewable energy” sector better go on to build solar panels real fast, because while you need to destroy the environment to build solar panels, at least it’s not oil or natural gas. Clearly this administration has no plan to slowly cut back non-renewable resources and fade us into the future, rather they’re going to rip the middle class apart to pay for a pipe dream of the USA being 100% renewable energy by 2022 (okay really 2035 but we only have 9 years left so we gotta hurry!) Let’s not forget that solar panels can’t work without sun (looking at you rolling blackouts), wind turbines murder birds with their blades that aren’t recyclable, and everyone loses their mind at the idea of a nuclear plant, even though 20% of our power in the US is nuclear.

The United States was on its way to energy independence under former President Trump (take the politifact article with a grain of salt, since they’re imbeciles and contradict themselves in their own article). For example, we were exporting crude oil to foreign nations and around the country (in the thousands of barrels/day), which in turn caused gas prices to drop since we weren’t being held hostage by OPEC any longer. Crude oil and petroleum are utilized for much more than just “fuel,” they are used to make plastics, synthetic fibers, tires, nail polish, and more. So by selling to other countries we’re helping more than one industry which in turn helps the global and local economy on more than one level. But for the purpose of the Establishment and current Administration: internal combustion engines and energy independence – bad, improper infrastructure for electric vehicles and raping natural resources in Africa – good.

Does the US need to focus on renewable energy? Yes. Will we get there? One day. Is it smart to rip contract jobs away from people because “we have 9 years left” before the sun implodes and we all burn up in a hot fiery explosion? No. Do the elite care? Absolutely not. John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz (heiress to the Ketchup fortune) together they own a private jet, multiple houses, and put out 166 metric pounds of carbon last year alone. You think their pilot is going to “learn to code” when they retire that jet? The joke here is that they’d give up their jet in the first place. The elite doesn’t care about their emissions, they can just sign a check to offset the carbon they emit with credits. So, while the middle class is not sure where their next meal is coming from, or if they can even pay their rent or mortgage, the elite are going to have their cake and eat it too.

The Executive Branch is one of three branches of government we have. We have three branches so that there are checks-and-balances and so not one branch has more power than the other. All the massive signing of EOs and EAs is doing is further pushing the image of a senile dictator who has policies SO UNPOPULAR the Legislative branch couldn’t even pass them…which is saying something since Democrats currently hold majority in the House and Senate. So keep signing away Joe, not like you’re going to remember who you screwed over after the early bird special is over anyway.

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