Tax Payer Funded Genocide

Good ole “Catholic” Joe is at it again and this time he’s decided we need to ship off American tax payer dollars to fund “women’s reproductive health” in foreign nations. Or for those of us who aren’t stupid, help kill off entire unborn populations in the 3rd world because we can’t have “poor people” having children and causing more global warming, excuse me…“climate change.

I think my favorite executive order to date that our “devout Catholic” president has signed was the reversal of the Mexico City Policy that had been reinstated under former President Trump. The Mexico City Policy, in very simple terms, blocks U.S. federal funding to non-government organizations (NGOs) for abortion counseling, or abortion referrals, or to push abortion as a family planning method in foreign countries. Yes, the United States government sends tax payer money to foreign countries to push for the murder of unborn children. You can have your opinion on abortion and what purpose you think that it serves (and I’m not speaking on rape, miscarriages, or etopic pregnancies), but when you call organic matter found on Mars “remnants of some life” yet deny personhood to an embryo, with DNA that is different from anyone else’s on Earth, we have bigger issues.

Regardless, for President Joe Biden to be okay sending tax payer dollars to foreign countries, while Americans continue to suffer during a pandemic, to fund abortions (which is quite literally not allowed per the Catholic Church), just shows you how “devout” this man is in his faith. It’s interesting to note that Pres. Joe Biden was denied Communion in 2019 from a S. Carolina priest, yet the Pope has no issue with Biden’s pro-abortion stance. This alone should make you question why Pope Francis has no issue with abortion but refuses to investigate pedophiles in the Church (I say this as a Roman Catholic myself). So, while the media is pushing the “devout liberal Catholic” narrative, the government is sending US tax dollars overseas to fund abortion for foreign populations, or in Iceland’s case, eradicate Down Syndrome. God forbid America keeps taxpayer dollars in our own country, to help our own people — that would make too much sense and clearly goes against the Establishment’s push for globalism.

I have no problem with individuals who never want children. I don’t mind people who only want one child like they’re part of the CCPs former “one child” policy. What bothers me is we are sending tax payer dollars to help foreign governments to promote the abortion of their unborn populations under the guise of “female reproductive healthcare.” Kind of hard to have reproductive healthcare when you’re suggesting people don’t reproduce, but I digress. Why is it America’s business what other countries families/women can or cannot do? Why does America stick its nose in business it doesn’t belong in? Why do American tax payers have 0 say in where their money is going? And why then do some states call the murder or injury of a pregnant woman a double homicide if all she’s growing in her womb is a “parasite”?

Pro-Choice advocates love to claim that if Roe v. Wade was overturned illegal abortions and the death of women from said abortions would skyrocket. Funny enough, they have 0 evidence of this — rather it seems the opposite is true. Roe v. Wade has no standing on what the states decide to do when it comes to their own abortion laws, (looking at you 10th Amendment), so even if Roe were overturned, states with legal abortions would still operate as if nothing had changed.

In 2021, condoms and birth control are given out like candy and “abstinence only” sex education exists in 11 states (6 of which are Democrat run). With all this healthcare access and state legalized abortions, America would not be going back to the 1920s with the reversal of a poorly construed “right” to dismember a human life. Think of it this way — if abortion really was “my body, my choice” YOU would be the one dead at the end of it. So while you’re riding the high of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” you’re also taking away the life of someone who never consented to creation in the first place. As a result of this disassociation with life and the unborn, politicians and global leaders are waging a war on the unborn and calling it “healthcare and environmental justice.”

To make a long blog post short — tax payer dollars shouldn’t be sent to foreign countries (ever) without the explicit consent of those PAYING TAXES. Tax payer dollars should never be used for the murder of unborn children who cannot speak up in defense of themselves, and as far as I can tell, President Joe Biden is about as Catholic as George Soros is Jewish.

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