China, China, China…

There are too many places to start with the Chinese government involvement and meddling in global affairs (we really should go back to Nixon and place the blame on him). The country that is the modern day People’s Republic of China was a dynasty for 4 millennia and has a very long history surrounding it. So, rather than go back in time to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1912), we’ll fast forward to 2020 where the Chinese are still sending their spies to woo American politicians, taking away the promised freedoms of Hong Kong, and committing genocide all at the same time.

Swalwell, well, well. Yes, good ole, “ran for president in 2019, because why not,” Rep. Eric Swalwell was up on the chopping block in December 2020, from a political standpoint anyway. Back in December it had come to light that the California Representative had been infiltrated, and most likely compromised, by linking up with a Chinese spy, Christine Fang, as far back as 2011. Per the FBI, Fang was a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member who helped Rep. Swalwell win his reelection in 2014 by throwing together fundraisers and trying to collect as many votes as possible. Fang had climbed her way up the political power ladder, it seems, by seeking out some Midwestern mayors and greasing some “palms” that way.

Regardless, in Fang’s brief time spent with Rep. Swalwell, she managed to place an intern in his office and was spotted consistently interacting with him for several years. So, here we have a 30-something U.S. House Intelligence Committee Member heavily involved with a known Chinese spy per the FBI. According to Swalwell, he dropped all connections with Fang after a meeting with the FBI and it’s apparently been years since they’d ever been back in contact. While that’s all well and good, it begs the question of how much information did Fang take back to China with her when she bolted? Are we honestly to believe that Swalwell never spoke about work to someone he was constantly seen with? Are we not concerned it took the FBI 2 years to let Swalwell know this, after they had just caught ANOTHER California Democrat (Sen. Diane Feinstein) with a Chinese spy on her staff in 2013?! How in bed is the U.S. Intelligence Community with the Chinese government for there to be this massive of an infiltration?

Chinese spy drama aside, we’ve got a current U.S. Administration that has decided to avoid addressing the active genocide being committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Uyghur Muslims in the western province of Xinjiang, China. The CCP is performing acts we only heard about during the time of Nazi Germany against the Jews, Gyspies, Poles, homosexuals, the list goes on. The CCP is forcing sterilization, abortion, and birth control on women having more than 1 child, and on top of this, the Chinese government is also forcing these families/women to pay fines for having more than 1 child as well. Before exiting, the former administration CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, declared the current state of the Uyghur’s to be a genocide and the current administrations Secretary of State Blinken agreed. So if both administrations agree then why during a Minnesota Town Hall, put on by CNN, did Pres. Joe Biden call what was happening in Xinjiang merely a “cultural difference.” He also commented on Xi Jinping’s desire for a “united and tightly controlled China,” seems to contradict the Left’s narrative of “diversity is strength.” So what is it Joe? Is a strong cultural and homogenous society key to a countries success, or is making sure we are heavily diversified?

Now, before anyone screams, “ICE is forcing sterilization on women at the southern border,” please note that this claim was made about 6 women, who apparently had “forced” hysterectomies, in a detention center, by medical professionals (not law enforcement), in Georgia, per a whistleblower (who people claim mocked these women in the process), in September 2020. Speaker Pelosi came out saying she wanted an investigation…yet here we are in February and nothing has come out of it. If it is true, that practice by medical professionals is abhorrent, and they should be dealt with to the extreme extent of the law. Do I think an investigation will happen now? No, and as the Democrats have shown (looking at you Steele Dossier), even a whistleblower isn’t to be trusted until vetted and verified. After all the “children in cages” at the border have been renamed into “overflow facilities” and completely blown off by the Biden Administration only 6 weeks in to the year.

In order to combat the encroachment of the CCP on the peoples of Hong Kong (HK) the Trump Administration decided to end the agreement with (HK) regarding its special status under U.S. law. When England gave Hong Kong back to China in 1997 it was still operating under the guise of being a “free/democratic” administrative city (one country, two systems) within the borders of mainland China. In May 2020 the People’s Republic of China (PRC) unilaterally and arbitrarily passed what could be deemed as “anti-democracy” laws against people of HK (they were to allow extradition to mainland China from HK for “criminal suspects.”) If you know anything of how the CCP in China works, if you sneeze wrong, or even compare their “fearless” leader to Winnie the Pooh, you could be claimed a criminal suspect, be banned from being televised in the country, or merely disappear. The Chinese bill was ultimately pulled back, but even the people of HK said it was too late and it was China trying to force their hand and communist ideals into what once was a “free” city. Sanctions on China and even banks that were linked to HK officials, passed unanimously in the U.S. House, showing some political unity that is far and few between these days (however it wouldn’t be politics if there wasn’t unnecessary pork and spending strapped to the bill). It’s been argued that these sanctions make HK a “pawn” for the U.S. trying to get a strong hold on China as goods from HK now had to be labeled as “Made in China” and pay the same taxes to import items into the U.S. The logic for this EO and the House bill were because rather than remaining the free state that China “promised” when HK was returned to it, the CCP has slowly been eroding the freedoms in HK. So if China wants to make HK part of China then the United States has every right to treat HK like it treats China.

If you don’t think that the Chinese government has massive influence over the world right now then you haven’t been paying attention. I’ll admit that the United States is still economically viewed by some countries as a power house, but the influence of the Chinese are not far behind. While President Trump was not as hard on China as I believe he should have been, he did perform major Executive Orders that would shore up things domestically, like not allowing the U.S. power grid to have technology supplied from foreign adversaries. But, failure to bring industrial manufacturing back to the US and levying heavy sanctions against companies who moved their businesses overseas was a missed opportunity. If you want to run on the notion of “America First,” you should have spent the 2 years the Republicans had the House, the Senate, and the White House doing just that.

President Biden isn’t getting a pass from me either, though at this rate we should be looking to Kamala Harris for guidance, since she’s taking all the important foreign calls for the Mario Karter-in-Chief. He spent his entire campaign, when he wasn’t putting a lid on the media, claiming he’d be “tough on China,” yet the actions and comments he’s made so far seem to dictate to the contrary. I’ll keep my wits about me with Chairman Biden, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if we were soon watching the National Guard goose-stepping down Pennsylvania Ave either.

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