Equality for Whom?

It’s crazy to me that we’ve come this far for the advancement of women in society only to want to completely erase them with the fick of a pen in the name of the so called Equality Act.”

I feel like I need to start this blog with the dictionary definitions of male/female or men/women because somehow in 2021 the US Government has decided that biology and genetics don’t matter but rather how we “feel” with regards to our biological sex is reality. Apparently we also have to distinguish sex from gender now because one is inherent and the other has suddenly become a social construct. Can we go back to the 90s and early 2000s where rational thought was still allowed and we weren’t trying to eradicate women from the face of the planet?

For those that don’t know, there is currently a bill which was just passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, ironically named the Equality Act. This act, which contradicts itself by using gendered pronouns, is going to change the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (on a very high level explanation of the bill) to include the following addendum: “prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” Yes, businesses, employers, public education, and even juries can no longer discriminate based on whether you’re gay or if you self identify as a woman (despite having XY chromosomes) — something that has already long been illegal. I’ll be the first to say that no one should be discriminated against regardless of what they wear, who the love, or what they want to be called. However, I will also be the first to say that if you have a single Y chromosome in your person, you cannot and you will not ever be a woman. If you have any combination of XX (including XO) you cannot and you will not ever be a man. There, I’ve outed myself as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) and if that’s upsetting to you, then ask yourself, why? What has been said that points men in any direction to biologically be women and vice versa?

The passage of this bill has reduced our (female/male) genders to the most stereotypical and misogynistic definitions of identity. Gender identity per the bill is “gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics, regardless of the individuals designated sex at birth.” With this statement alone we have been reduced to outward appearances and subjective societal views of what men and women should “look /act like.” Congratulations Leftists, you’ve managed to walk back on everything you fought for regarding women not being stereotyped and required to fit into boxes. Less than 20 years ago the argument was wearing “heels, dresses, and makeup daily,” didn’t make you any more a woman than someone who wore mens clothing or never put on makeup. Because regardless of your OUTWARD appearance and sexual orientation, you were still biologically a woman. Now, if you dress like a stereotypical woman, cross your legs like a stereotypical woman, and change your name to a female name, you’re absolutely without any deniability, a woman. After almost 30 years of being a woman, had I know that’s all that was needed, I’d have joined the “oppressive, cis-gendered, privileged, white male” club ASAP.

How you dress, how you act, and what you want to be called are your own prerogative. Are you going to get odd looks from people if you’re in a tutu and growing a mustache? Probably. But that’s your own choice and you’re free to do that. If you want to parade around as a Drag Queen daily, by all means. But what you shouldn’t be free to do is call yourself a woman just because you’ve decided you don’t like the outward appearance of men’s clothing — because women are more than just their looks, right?

The fact that trans men and women still need to see their respective field of doctors, OBGYNs for example, should show that men and women are biologically different despite what they call themselves. Coming at this from the perspective of trans individuals who never fully transition (which is most) – trans-women are never going to have the potential for ovarian cancer, they are never going to be prescribed hormonal birth control (since a lack of uterus and ovaries won’t cause pregnancy), they will never need to get a Pap smear (trans women have no chance at cervical cancer), will never need feminine hygiene products because they will never shed a uterine lining in the form of mensuration, and will luckily never experience a miscarriage from a pregnancy they can never have. The same applies for trans-men (women who believe they’re men) — you’re never going to be checked for prostate cancer (women do have Skene glands, located inside the vulva, something men don’t have, but Skene cancer is a 0.003% chance), they’ll never going to experience testicular cancer, and they’re never going to win against actual men in most sports either. The only shared experience we can set ourselves up for is breast cancer and other forms of shared cancers, due to the same tissue and organs being found in both men and women.

Cancer aside, the biggest issue I have here is that we are eroding the sheer existence of women in the process. I’m going to speak to the trans-woman side of things, because, as a woman, I don’t have experience with how things go as a man. This bill is basically telling the future young girls/women that no matter what they do, they’re probably not going to get the athletic scholarships they want anymore for college (trans women beat out the fastest girls, every time, in every sport). They’re going to get passed over for educational scholarships no matter how well you perform in school (you don’t check enough intersectional boxes by identifying as your born gender). And then there’s the issue of having to share “female-only” spaces with trans women (which in Canada is also proving to be an issue). What’s the point of having Title IX in schools if boys are just going to compete in the same sport as girls? What’s the point of scholarships only for women if men can now apply? What’s the point of sororities or fraternities if gender is a social construct? Why have women only shelters if men have just as much right to be there because they “identify” a women? Does no one see how by not allowing for true biological separation of the sexes we’ve become a society that has been reduced to merely how we look and feel? Why is it that trans men (women who think they’re men) can’t beat biological men in sports?

The T alone in LGBT circumvents the first 3 letters by making the claim that gender doesn’t exist. Sorry Gays, you can’t say you like men anymore because trans men are men and you’re transphobic if you don’t date them. Sorry Lesbians, you can’t date only women since that gender is made up and penises on trans women are something you have to live with. And super sorry to the bisexuals who now can’t say they like either gender since there are so many and it’s clearly not as binary as we sane people think. The trans right party has taken the years of work the LGB portion of society has worked for in terms of equality and actual discrimination and decided that YOU MUST accept men as women and women as men, based on their feeling alone, because if not you’d be breaking federal law.

We have a mental health crisis in this country, and the way to combat this isn’t by telling people “feeling like a woman is all that’s needed to BE a woman” — it’s by HELPING them understand what is happening mentally and working through it. Maybe they’re feminine gay men, maybe they’re masculine lesbians, maybe they don’t want to conform to a gender stereotype and just be ambiguous and all of those things are socially acceptable things to be, and no one is going to ostracize you for not dressing to gender “norms.” So, rather than pushing these individuals to be genders that they’re not, we need to understand people are not only what they look like on the outside, but rather what makes them a unique individual as a whole.

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