A Tale of Two Governments

Long time no blog, if I’m being honest it’s because American politics are exhausting and it feels like we’re living in a mad house and it’s being run by the inmates. Regardless, I think it’s time to pull the tarp off this poorly run government experiment and realize that we’re not being led by 3 branches of government but rather by one goopy, greasy, slimy, swampy blob of bureaucracy and corporations. We don’t have a “free” capitalistic economy or government for that matter, we live in a society run by Corporatism and it’s gotten so blatantly obvious, only blind and deaf sheep could miss it.

Corporations run everything. They create/design/promote the “popular culture.” They’re the reason you think you “MUST HAVE” the latest cell phone, or laptop, or Satan shoes. Corporatism is why Twitter could silence the dually-elected president for “inciting violence” under the whole “private company” troupe. Corporatism is why the panel discussion regarding children and mask wearing, put on by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, was censored by YouTube. Corporatism is what is tearing this country apart at the seams and the amount of people willing to be complicit in this and call themselves “counterculture” in the same breath is exhausting.

Now, the government and corporations have always shared the same bed and paid lip service to one another for as long as I can remember. Big Sugar, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma have always been major players in paying off politicians in “campaign donations” — just look at Al Lawson, U.S. Representative out of Florida. He’s on the Agricultural committee for the federal government and his #1 campaign donation came from US Sugar. Or U.S. Senator Josh Hawley who sits on the committee for small business and entrepreneurship and whose largest donor was Jones Financial Companies (investment management firm). The problem at hand isn’t that corporations are paying politicians through lobbyists (which people consider a necessary evil), it’s that thanks to the internet it’s so much easier to see and call out corruption. In my rightfully bias opinion, politicians should be back in their home states getting the voice of the constituents on issues, rather than wining and dining lobbyists for the best kickback.

Some of the most blatant examples of companies thinking they should have a say in the government recently came out of the state of Georgia. Georgia passed new voter laws to shore up their election integrity measures (after a horrendous 2020 election showing). Within the bill, campaign members (with political affiliation) are no longer allowed to hand out food/water to people standing in line to vote. ID is required to vote and there will be no mass mail in voting instead you have to actually request a ballot, the former was allowed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic (meaning it was NOT an election law enacted by the GA legislature), even though it was stated by Lord Fauci that voting and waiting in line to vote, in person, was perfectly safe.

As a result of these new laws, which were voted on by the GA Legislature (because that’s who makes the laws), sparked outrage of “racism!” Racism, because opponents don’t think minorities can acquire acceptable IDs to vote in Georgia (even though the state gives out FREE approved voting IDs). Racism, because now you have to actually request a mail in ballot in Georgia. Racism, which means anything we don’t agree with anymore because it makes corruption harder. Yes, racism means nothing anymore, it’s just a word we shout out loud at people we don’t like. Regardless, the bill passed the GA House and Senate and was signed into law and as a result the corporate world got mad because somehow Georgia found out that it’s Legislature actually makes the laws, not Corporations in the city.

One of first companies to raise hell about how election integrity shouldn’t have passed (once again, who elected the corporations to make decisions on behalf of the people?) was Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s HQ is located in downtown Atlanta, GA and when no one asked their opinion, the company released a statement saying they were “disappointed” the bill passed and now they want to make sure the FEDERAL government kept passing laws to quote, “keep voting open and address voter suppression.” That’s cool, but no one voted for you, Coca-Cola. The next company who also has it’s HQ in Atlanta, Delta Airlines. Delta’s CEO, who in a statement made sure to point out they have a “very very large black employee base,” called the new law “unacceptable” (obviously Black Americans are a monolith who all think the same way and never have opinions different than that of Democrats).

However, I think the icing on the hypocritical cake came out of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) “knee-jerk” reaction. MLB decided to pull its All-Star game out of Atlanta in the wake of this new law. Yes, they took away economic opportunities (coming off a pandemic year too) because the people of Georgia decided they wanted more secure elections. MLB took away roughly $100 million from the city of Atlanta, because the representatives and senators in Georgia listed to their constituents. MLB moved their All-Star game (due to a bill they [MLB] stated would hurt low-income/minority populations) from a city that is roughly 51% black (62% minority) and moved it to Denver, CO (81% white, 9.8% black, and 48% overall minority). Now I’m not usually one to nitpick, but it seems to be like you’re hurting minorities more by leaving a major minority city for one that houses a lot of white people, but let’s be honest, MLB/Coca-cola/Delta are all pandering to rich white people who suffer “white guilt” for the sins of a past generation they weren’t even alive during and for a skin color they didn’t have choose.

So what does this mean for America? Is there a way to save the tiny Constitutional Republic? The best thing I can say to do is, shop small, shop local, give up your big box stores and brands for things Made in America. Stop saying “eat the rich” and then ordering things from Amazon. Grow your own food, buy some chickens, don’t let the latest trends be something you have to keep up with. Stop giving celebrities any more of your time (they’re so privileged they want to whine about oppression they’ll never face), be with your friends and your family. Get involved in LOCAL politics and let the federal government bury itself. Have political conversations with people you don’t agree with and listen to all sides. Finally, if the media tells you a corporation has an opinion on politics, stay away from them and their subsidiaries because at the end of the day, I don’t remember electing Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci to represent me, my values, or my country.

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