Black Lives Only Matter…In Capitalist Countries

This week on “things that won’t surprise you for $500, Alex” Black Lives Matter (BLM) tweeted out their statement regarding the current protests in Cuba, and for all of those people not paying attention for the last 1.5 years –> many surprised Pikachu’s abound.

Let’s give context to the supposedly “surprising” response BLM gave in regards to the Cuban people protesting their 62 year long “Revolution” under the dictatorship of Fidel Castro and currently continuing with Miguel Díaz-Canel. Canel is currently the “President of Cuba,” unironically Cuba also has a Prime Minister, a Vice President, and a Party Leader. Cuba runs on a one party system, you get to vote as a citizen of Cuba for an assembly representative, which in 2018 was 1 person for each of the 605 seats (so no choice in who you actually get to vote for). I’d need another blog post to discuss the countless issues with Communism, so we’ll leave it at lack of voting options for anyone outside then”party” for work. Long story longer, for 62 years the people of Cuba have been oppressed, starved, imprisoned, and murdered by their own government in the name of a “Revolution” that can never end.

Cue BLM responding to this unrest the only way they know how, blame the United States and side with the Communist government in Cuba.

Let’s break it down paragraph by paragraph. First, BLM blames the embargos the United States has had on Cuba (for the last 60 years, since Kennedy) for their unrest. Somehow this embargo (on US/Cuba imports/exports & travel) has stopped Cuba from choosing its own government, not the Communist Dictatorship. I knew the United States had political power but I didn’t know they extended to Cuban government elections (jokes on you if you don’t know the US does influence foreign elections from time to time). Continuing on, the United States embargo makes it “impossible” for Cuba to exist as a country and they just “trade with anyone,” which isn’t true at all, even USA Today had to admit that fallacy. Cuba exports $1.2B worth of goods annually and imports around $5.8B. BLM then proceeds to blame the US for the inability of Cubans to acquire medical supplies for CV-19 vax/equipment, which would be terrible if it wasn’t for the fact that Canada has been sending goods for the pandemic down to Cuba since the beginning, but the Cuban government hasn’t been giving them out.

Continuing on, BLM says that Cuba has “demonstrated solidarity with oppressed people” (the Black Liberation Army and Weather Underground) by granting Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur) asylum. That would be true, except that it was Fidel Castro who granted her asylum to give a middle finger to the US (he called her a Revolutionary), not the people of Cuba. Finally, BLM calls on grandpa Joe to end the embargo, something Obama did call for in 2016 but never did himself…not like Obama was President of the United States for 8 years or had Democrat majority in the House and Senate from 2008-2011.

No matter how this reads, BLM refuses to blame the government of Cuba for anything. The Commies can do no wrong! The United States is ALWAYS the problem for them and until everyone can hate the United States for everything that happened all over the world they won’t rest. The United States doesn’t need to be involved, they need to side with the Cuban people and the removal of a dictator and leave it be, we don’t need another Philippines or Vietnam.

The comments on this post were quite funny and it read like people know nothing of the origins of BLM or their Marxist founders. The commenters rightfully called them out on their wrong messaging and how it is the fault of the government for the problems in Cuba not the United States, but what people failed to realize is that BLM doesn’t care about black lives, brown lives, white lives, or even purple lives, BLM cares about money and power.

The race riots of 2020 post George Floyd’s death saw an influx in donations to BLM to the tune of $90 million dollars, however local chapters of BLM say they’ve seen next to none of it. Co-founder Patrice Cullors, who has come into an obscene amount of money since it’s founding, recently bought a $1.4M home in an area of California that is 88% white. This is a woman who claims she’s fighting police brutality and the mistreatment of minorities and systematic racism, while also living in a place where the crime is low and cops probably show up as soon as they’re called. I truly have no sympathy for those who fell for an organization that wants to disrupt the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” it’s just really sad people failed to see a Marxist founded organization siding with Communists all along.

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