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Black Lives Only Matter…In Capitalist Countries

This week on “things that won’t surprise you for $500, Alex” Black Lives Matter (BLM) tweeted out their statement regarding the current protests in Cuba, and for all of those people not paying attention for the last 1.5 years –> many surprised Pikachu’s abound. Let’s give context to the supposedly “surprising” response BLM gave in … More Black Lives Only Matter…In Capitalist Countries

A Tale of Two Governments

Long time no blog, if I’m being honest it’s because American politics are exhausting and it feels like we’re living in a mad house and it’s being run by the inmates. Regardless, I think it’s time to pull the tarp off this poorly run government experiment and realize that we’re not being led by 3 … More A Tale of Two Governments

Equality for Whom?

It’s crazy to me that we’ve come this far for the advancement of women in society only to want to completely erase them with the fick of a pen in the name of the so called “Equality Act.” I feel like I need to start this blog with the dictionary definitions of male/female or men/women … More Equality for Whom?

China, China, China…

There are too many places to start with the Chinese government involvement and meddling in global affairs (we really should go back to Nixon and place the blame on him). The country that is the modern day People’s Republic of China was a dynasty for 4 millennia and has a very long history surrounding it. … More China, China, China…

The Cult of Cancel Culture

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a … More The Cult of Cancel Culture

Tax Payer Funded Genocide

Good ole “Catholic” Joe is at it again and this time he’s decided we need to ship off American tax payer dollars to fund “women’s reproductive health” in foreign nations. Or for those of us who aren’t stupid, help kill off entire unborn populations in the 3rd world because we can’t have “poor people” having … More Tax Payer Funded Genocide

Executive Order #5,629

Why would We The People want the Leglislature to make laws and do their job according to the Constitution? We have good ole Pres. Biden to sign 500 Executive Orders and make sure he keeps all his “promises” to his rich, corporate, Wall Street donors. What has 2 hands, 17 pens, less than a 45 … More Executive Order #5,629

Media Faux Pas?

Your media is hot garbage. Actually most media in America is hot garbage and they’re the reason or one of the main drivers for an America divided and falling. The media is not your friend. If the last few blog posts haven’t already beaten that dead horse enough, this one will finish the job. Joe … More Media Faux Pas?

Big Tech Baddies

Twitter bans Trump. Apple takes Parler off its App Store (I type from the hypocrisy of my iPhone). And Amazon Web Services (AWS) de-platforms Parler completely. If you haven’t figured out yet this blog post is about censorship on the Internet and how the Big Tech oligarchs have suddenly become the judge/jury/executioner for what they … More Big Tech Baddies

Why Did It Come to This?

Welcome to America, where the rules are made up and the people’s opinions don’t matter. Holy January 6th, Batman! It’s almost not fair that work has to go on while major historical, political events transpire. If more people stopped and watched how politics actually happened, in real time, I think we’d be at a different … More Why Did It Come to This?


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