Welcome to the corner of the internet that’s tired of hiding. The corner of the internet where we accept hard truth’s but try to spin them in a much less miserable way than the legacy Media.

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America the Battered

Between a partisan pandemic, a media announced president-elect, potential Cabinet nominees deleting thousands of tweets, and living in a constant state of Politician induced hypocrisy, it is no wonder that America looks like a dog in an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s, “Arm’s of an Angel”, on repeat in the background. What happened to the … More America the Battered

Why the Last?

This post is just explain the why and why it’s taken me so long to express an opinion that has otherwise been deemed ‘deplorable/uneducated/archaic.’ It’s 2020 with a 1984 feel giving off a fake Brave New World vibe With this blog I’m hoping to shed some light on what the ‘average’ American thinks/feels about the … More Why the Last?

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